Hi there!

I'm Adrienne, the author behind Cuisine Culture Across The World.
I love food (obviously!) and am always eager to learn and try out new recipes.
My other passion is travelling. I love the excitement to buckle on my backpack and just wander off into the world, explore countries, cultures and foreign art, see places I've never seen before, make new friends from all four corners of the world and get in touch with people who share my passions.

This blog is about combining these two. I am writing about recipes I found on my trips, food I love and self-developed recipes. It's all about sharing this with you and taking you on a journey to the world of taste-buds-experiences.
I found that I usually prefer English food blogs over the german ones, so, with proper reference of course, I also want to share some of their fantastic recipes with a german-speaking readership.
I hope you'll have as much fun trying out known and unknown things as I have!

For the time being this blog will be written in german only, but with time, I plan to go bilingual. However, if you happen to stumble upon my blog and aren't fluent in the german language, no problem. Just contact me via email: cuisinecultureacrosstheworld@gmx.de and I'll send you an english version of the required recipe! :)

Have fun exploring!

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